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Our dressing rooms ARE NOW OPEN AGAIN. 


We have contactless donation acceptance for small items.  Please place them in the large cardboard boxes on the donation dock.  Ring the bell for furniture donations.  Until further notice, our receiving area will be closed on Sundays and Wednesdays.  (More info below)


At St. Vincent de Paul we are actively assessing our operations daily.


We look forward to seeing you and serving you again.


Thrift Store Hours:


Monday - Friday -- 8am to 8pm   

Saturday -- 9am to 6pm  


Sunday -- Noon - 5pm  


Donation Hours:


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday -- (donation gate 8 to 5:30 only)


Saturday -- (donation gate 9 to 5:30 only)




We are grateful for our customers and donors. 


So much fun shopping and full of great values; our store tends to be the public face of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  Our store attracts people - from all income levels - who are looking for great deals on gently used goods. We are appreciative of that.  We want them, and you to shop at our store.


Why we run our store


We don't operate our thrift store for our own sake.  However, our store serves two significant functions related to our mission of offering help to our neighbors of Barron County in need:


1)  Our store provides the majority of revenue that funds our programs providing assistance to local households struggling with poverty; and


2)  Our store offers charity to our local neighbors in need by giving away - through a voucher system - donated goods directly from our store inventory.  In addition to that process, our store provides a reasonably priced place for anyone and everyone to shop.  We offer full and part-time employment for over 30 people striving towards an actual living wage for our staff.  The revenues from our store help fund our food pantry and other programs we offer.


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