House in a Box®

The concept of House in a Box® is to provide new household items for families who have lost everything as a result of natural disasters and who are forced into situational poverty.  The “House in a Box®” gives dignity to families in crisis as it gives them a new and fresh start. All families receive the same new items which are packaged for efficiency of delivery. The program is scalable to the size of the family and starts at $2,200 for a family of four. 


With the help of our community, we were able to provide 23 households (who were low-income or uninsured) with a House in a Box®. The total cost was $46,680. The B.C. Tornado Relief Fund donated $29,000 and Rice Lake Utilities donated $2,200 towards the cost.

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Since the May 16th tornado, we have helped numerous families with temporary housing, food, auto and home repairs, storage, casework, arranging for donated vehicles and a camper, etc. Many hundreds of hours of time, and over $10,000 spent.

Our Communities Unite

Joe Macfarlane, Jayne Stewart, Robert & Shelly Black are in front of the camper.  A huge thank you to Joe and Mary Macfarlane of Illinois (also vacation in Chetek) for the donation of their camper so the Black's have a place to stay while they finish a house to live in after losing their mobile home in the Chetek tornado.

WEAU Drive-By Fundraiser

Thank you for your generous donations

Images from the Tornado Disaster Donation Site in Cameron

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